By joining the EABHES community, educational institutions guarantee their relevance and participation in the process that revolutionized the educational system of the whole European continent – the Bologna Process. EABHES follows closely the genuine beliefs and guidelines set by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

EABHES offers members of its academic community an accreditation for their programmes by utilizing a systematic process and working hand-in-hand with a school’s leadership and staff.

Together with its schools and partners, EABHES works for a better civil society where excellence, competence and cultural creativity are pillars of students’ and instructors’ work all over the EU and wherever the EABHES network reaches.

The accreditation process is a substantial advantage for the students, faculty and staff of the network since they earn an “entrance pass” to the international academic community whose goals and professional aspirations they share.

EABHES fully supports the growing need of both students and institutions to explore the endless possibilities of study abroad programmes, student and faculty exchanges and professional networking.

The EABHES accreditation contributes to the economic stability of schools and institutions by making the accredited programmes highly competitive