The EABHES Journey started as a joint research project undertaken by a group of European schools for creating common pedagogical and academic assessment methodologies.

Simultaneously to the initial European establishment of the Bologna Process, the group’s shared adoption of the internal rules and norms was established and immediately adopted by all members as not just visionary, but fruitful.

From there, it was only to align the developed systems and methods with the ECTS credits structure.

The community of EABHES grew as schools from all over the EU identified it as trustworthy, flexible and highly efficient. EABHES believes, as a part of its true mission in enabling students’ mobility by deploying the unified system of ECTS credits.

Since then, with each new member, EABHES community of schools of more than 60 all over EU and MENA today is enriched and further considered as one of the biggest private networks of internationally recognized professional and academic institutions.