The school or applying institution must:

  • Be from a member country of the Council of Europe
  • Be officially declared by the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Higher Education or the Ministry of Culture of their country of origin, or by a consulate agency or professional body.
  • Have been active in the field of Higher Education for at least ten years (exceptions may be granted for new courses created in connection with the evolution of the business world).
  • Provide programs of a level that will allow students to integrate other courses by equivalence, within the framework of courses resulting from the creation of the Common European Area for Higher Education, as defined by the Bologna Process.
  • Suggest annual teaching manuals as well as requirements in terms of personal work and success rates corresponding to the target level of each training course.
  • Answer to quality criteria in terms of success rates and employability.
  • Show a genuine interest in international exchanges.


Institutions wishing to have their programmes accredited must send their request to:

E.A.B.H.E.S. Europe
Accreditation Board
116 rue du Bac
75007 Paris
Tel . +33 (0)1 42 96 86 90
Fax . +33 (0)1 42 96 86 74
E-mail :

E.A.B.H.E.S. answers to a specific commitment charter that each certified member agrees to respect. The E.A.B.H.E.S. method is to select, audit and accredit schools that choose to structure their teaching methods according to the principles set out by the Bologna Process

As such, E.A.B.H.E.S aims to guarantee:

  • The relevance of the suggested programme with respect to international Higher Education standards.
  • The coherence of the educational structure.
  • The balance between the skills that are expected to be acquired during the course of study and the resources that are readily available.
  • The international dimension of the course that should be represented by the importance given to language learning and international experience.
  • Good implementation and use of E.C.T.S. credits, which allow international clarity and comparability.

In this way, E.A.B.H.E.S ensures that the schools we give accreditation to deliver degrees that are based on the Bachelor's and Master's degree model. It also verifies that course contents are closest to European and international standards. E.A.B.H.E.S. does not directly issue any diplomas, but ensures that the accredited schools (the only bodies that can officially issue them) carefully follow the principles outlined above as well as the individual evaluation of students. Accredited institutions are entirely responsible for the authenticity of the information that is communicated.

Nevertheless, through regular audits, E.A.B.H.E.S. ensures that procedures are being applied properly, leading to the accreditation of partner institutions.

The fee proposed by E.A.B.H.E.S. is composed of two main elements:

  1. Audit and implementation costs, billed only once (estimate based on the number of programmes to be audited, course catalogues to be produced, infrastructure needing to be established...)
  2. Annual student monitoring costs, in proportion to the income received from accredited programme registrations.

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