EABHES has partnered with Impara DOE  for Community and Internationalisation services. The partnership is inspired by the EAHE Framework. This partnership’s impact is envisioned to promote mobility and academic collaboration among EABHES Community Members through training, consulting and mentorship.

The ECTS revolution, perhaps the largest educational reform in the history of western civilisation, set a clear goal to create an education area with common assessment and evaluation of the learner’s workload and achievements.

Within this framework, EABHES main goal is to honor its community members’ individual unique character and diversity while promoting academic collaborations among the members and within international networking projects.

The main services being offered to the EABHES Community Members are:

  1.   Internationalisation services for member schools and their partners
  2.   Promotion of collaborations within the network of schools
  3.   Support of students’ mobility among EABHES schools
  4.   Up-to-date  workshops with news and current development at the EAHE
  5.   Establishment of a mutual feedback system with the schools

idées HOUSE – Students engaged in urban renovation

The 27th and 28th of June will take place the presentation of the interior architecture diploma projects. The students proposed the renovation of a district in Morges in Switzerland based on the theme imposed: THE MODERN MOVEMENT AS CONTEMPORARY VERNACULAR.The presentation takes place in our school open house. visit the school website

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European University of Tunis

Founded in 2006, Université Européenne de Tunis (European University of Tunis) is a private higher education institution located in the large town of Tunis. The UET is officially accredited  by the Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche Scientifique, Tunisie In its collaboration with EABHES the UET enhances its long term strategy for internationalization […] Read more…

Internationalisation: Tiltan

The Tiltan College of Design in Israel has been a member of EABHES since 2015 with two accredited European Bachelor Degree programmes in design. During this time, ImparaDOE has worked with EABHES and the school’s team all the way from the inception of the accreditation process until today, when the school is opening itself to […] Read more…


From the beginning of 2019 EABHES and ImparaDOE have developed a new strategic plan covering the collaborative efforts needed and recommended for the EABHES community members. As part of this key effort, in the coming year, they are aiming to initiate contact with each member in the network in order to better understand their individual […] Read more…