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Schools that successfully complete the Audit automatically become EABHES Members and move to Phase 2, the Production Process. An approval letter and accreditation number will be sent to the school within one month from the Audit end date. Accreditation is granted for a period of 36 months from the 1st of the month in which the approval letter is issued, and only upon payment of all due fees. Please see section 3.1. Accreditation Maintenance and Renewal for further information and conditions of the 36-month accreditation period and beyond.


EABHES Accreditation Standards are derived from our accreditation goals and indicate conditions that are understood as the basis for quality higher education. These standards serve as a tool to assist schools to fulfil their mission and vision. They also provide a basis for the dialogue to be established between EABHES visiting team and the institution, as well as for the internal dialogue within the school as part of the continuous self-monitoring and improvement process.

These conditions are grouped into 4 categories or “standards” representing aspects to be evaluated during the accreditation process: academics, pedagogy, school management and facilities. Within each standard, different areas are assessed using specific indicators and evaluation tools. Some of the indicators are of critical relevance for accreditation purposes (marked with a [C] in the charts). In order for schools to be awarded accreditation, at least 60 % of the standards must be met. Compliance with the EABHES Accreditation standards is also mandatory for accreditation maintenance and renewal.

This section contains EABHES standards for accreditation with their related areas, indicators and evaluation tools.


The academic standards assure that the school efficiently prepares and assists students to access the global job market in the field(s) relevant to the core competencies the school specialises in.

The academic standards consist of 15 indicators (6 of which are critical) that assess 9 different areas of the school’s academics.