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Please see the table of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (Annex 4) with the list of official international tests that can certify students’ language level. Only official tests, valid in all countries, will be taken into account for additional credits recognition.

Competency in English is a requirement to qualify for the European Diploma of Accredited Studies, therefore English official language certificates do not qualify for obtaining additional credits.

Studying a European Foreign Language
Students studying an additional European foreign language (on top of the compulsory one(s) already mentioned in the Course Catalogue) can obtain ECTS credits as long as they are able to provide proof, i.e. an end-of-year certificate confirming attendance.

Study Abroad Language Programmes
In order to be awarded additional credits for the completion of study abroad language courses, the accredited programme must consist of a minimum of 20 hours of language classes per week. A certificate confirming the exact duration of the programme and the weekly number of teaching hours will be required. Programme specific exams will not result in credit allocation (please see “Official Foreign Language Certificates” in this section).

Official Competitions/Contests (in the field of study)
Those students whose projects/CV’s have officially been selected by the institution to be entered into the competitions will receive credits. A competition subject covered in class as a course subject may not be considered as warranting additional credits for the entire class, only for those students who have been selected to officially participate in the competition.

As part of their personal endeavour to take part in an official competition, students must provide a participation certificate for said competition, as well as proof of their participation (such as photograph of their display or any other proof, or a citation in any publication where the student presentation/paper is mentioned).

Published/Displayed Designs/Papers (in the field of study)
To be awarded additional ECTS credits for published/displayed designs or papers, the student must provide proof, such as a certificate of sponsoring company, or other evidence (any publication where a link to the paper is provided, or photograph of display, as well as listing in a programme or other evidence).

Humanitarian Action & Sports
A certificate provided by the event supervising organisation, specifying the duration of the mission and/ or the achievement accomplished by the student must be provided in order to obtain additional credits for humanitarian action or high level sport practice.

Participation in students’ associations and/or campus activities, conference attendance, and organisation of school events often qualify for extracurricular credits. Schools can award extracurricular credits for any general or subject specific training and activities that they think could be beneficial for their students. For EABHES to recognise the credits, the school shall send the information to EABHES prior to it issuing the Course Catalogue.