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Once a school is approved for Accreditation and becomes an EABHES Member, it will enter phase 2, the
Academic Documents Production process. This phase is cyclical, as it takes place with each student intake
and it consists of four steps:
Step 1: EABHES System Data Update and Student Registration
Step 2: Course Catalogue
Step 3: Academic Transcripts, and Internship and Placement Forms
Step 4: Certificate of Achievement, Diploma of Accredited Studies

During this phase, EABHES continues to assist schools through the provision of supporting tools, training
and guidance.


Every academic year, EABHES updates (or, in the case of newly accredited schools, incorporates) the school’s records in the accreditation database and CRM systems, including administrative processes, course information and credit allocation details.

For students to enrol in an EABHES accredited programme and obtain the relevant diploma upon completion, they need to meet the school’s entry requirements for the specific programme; complete, date and sign EABHES enrolment Form, and submit a proof of relevant previous studies and foreign language competency. The school will send to EABHES all the documentation together with the completed Student Enrolment Matrix no later than 30 days after each academic period start date. EABHES database will be updated with each intake student’s information.

Upon initiation of students’ information in the EABHES System, EABHES will issue the registration certificates, to be submitted to the school within 30 days from reception of the relevant documentation.

It is the school’s responsibility to compile and send the relevant documentation to EABHES for students’ registration. Failure to complete the registration process will prevent students from benefiting from their programme’s accreditation, as they will not be registered in the EABHES system database and will not be provided with any EABHES academic documents.

For retroactive or parallel admissions:
- the school must pay all due fees according to the agreement signed between the school and EABHES;
- the school must provide EABHES with a copy of their High School Diploma and/or a copy of their previous higher studies so as to proceed to academic recognition.

Withdrawals and cancellations must be communicated to EABHES exactly as they occur throughout the year so the current student records can be kept.


Before a programme officially starts, EABHES produces and sends the school the Course Catalogue to submit to the students. This document contains all the information relevant to the study programme and the academic documents students will receive:
- a brief introduction of the school and the study programme;
- detailed information about the different components of the study plan (courses, internships, allocated credits);
- explanation of the ECTS credit system and grading scale;
- extracurricular credits information and forms;
- degree completion requirements, such as foreign language studies.