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In order for EABHES to correctly produce the Course Catalogue, schools need to provide EABHES the completed and fully updated Study Plan and Pedagogical Contents Form.

EABHES highly encourages schools to continually monitor and evaluate the study programmes following the accreditation continuous-improvement principle. Changes in programmes are part of this process. With the objective to produce updated Course Catalogues that reflect the most recent programme improvements and changes. EABHES encourages schools to pay close attention to Programme Updates Procedures section of this handbook and meet, to the best of their ability, the specified deadlines.


In order for EABHES to correctly and timely produce student Academic Transcripts, schools need to provide EABHES with the Grades Matrix within 30 days from the end date of each academic period. Within 60 days from receiving the Grades Matrix and upon revision and validation from the school, the hard copy Transcripts must be sent by post to the school to be handed out to the students. The school is required to also send to EABHES a digital copy of all certificates (e.g: internship and additional activities), dated and signed.

For students that complete an internship or work placement, the school shall provide with EABHES Work Placement Certificate duly filled-in and/or a Work Placement Certificate by the company/school in order to have the relevant credits recognised and included in their Academic Transcripts. These documents shall be submitted no later than 30 days after the end of the work placement.

For information regarding ECTS grading scale and conversion of local grades to ECTS grades, please refer to the ECTS Grades Conversion Chart of this handbook.


Once the programme is completed by a student, EABHES will produce the relevant Diploma of Accredited Studies (bachelor’s or master’s) or Certificate of Achievement (in the case of short courses) within 60 days from receiving the last academic period Grades Matrix and upon revision by the school.

For the production of the Diploma or Certificate of Achievement, EABHES should have received, on time, all required documentation and information regarding the student performance in the programme. The student should have successfully passed all programme courses and required language tests. The Diploma of Accredited Studies needs to be stamped and signed by the school to be valid.

A copy of the diplomas stamped and signed must be sent to EABHES before delivery to the students (in order to make certified original copy in case of loss or admission/visa/Permanent Resident request).

ECTS Grading Scale

A student’s grades refer to the student’s assessment results. However, many different grading systems co-exist in Europe. In order to ensure that mobile students are treated fairly wherever their studies are undertaken, an ECTS grading system has been developed to complement the credit framework.