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Chapter 3:

Terms and Obligations


Upon successful completion of the Application process, Accreditation is granted for 36 months. During this period, and in order to maintain Accreditation, the school shall implement the recommendations indicated in the Audit Report. The school will inform EABHES every 12 months, or within any other established timeframe, of the actions taken to comply with the Audit Report recommendations.

In order to maintain accreditation, schools shall meet the following conditions:
- implement the recommendations indicated in the Audit Report;
- maintain ongoing compliance with EABHES and EHEA Standards;
- timely and truthfully fulfil its obligations as EABHES Members (please see section 3.3. Obligations of Schools as EABHES Members);
- remain current with EABHES annual fees.

At the end of the 36-month period, schools enter phase 3 of accreditation: Accreditation Renewal. EABHES will conduct the end-of-cycle audit, upon which it may:
- Renew the accreditation for a period up to an additional 36 months;
- Grant a time extension of up to 12 months to give the school the opportunity to complete the implementation of those recommendations that were implemented only partially and required in order to maintain Accreditation;
- Suspend or revoke Accreditation if recommendations are not met.

EABHES Preparation Courses, compulsory for the accreditation application, are a great resource that schools can use as a recurrent tool to keep all staff members updated about processes, regulations and standards. It is highly recommended that school’s staff, especially new faculty and administration, complete these courses before accreditation renewal to guarantee compliance.

The conditions for accreditation maintenance, after the first cycle and for second, third and subsequent renewals, are the same as for the first cycle. At any moment during a cycle, EABHES may conduct visits or onsite audits that are considered necessary to assess and verify the fulfilment of pending requirements and recommendations, as well as for any other reason EABHES considers appropriate. EABHES shall inform the school of any visit at least 30 days before the visit date.


EABHES Accreditation fees can be divided into 3 main categories:
General application fees. Must be paid in order to conduct the application process and amount to a total of 5,000Eur (fixed). Below is the disclosure of the general one-time application fees:
• Preparation process (includes application fee, preparation workshops, onsite/online visit and agreement signing) – 4,000Eur
• Eligibility Committee – 1,000Eur