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- Programme-specific application fees. These fees vary from 4,500 to 6,500Eur, depending on the characteristics of the programme, and shall be paid for applying to the Pedagogical Committee Review, which is step 3 of the application process. The specific fee for each programme to be accredited is agreed upon between the school and EABHES during step 1 of the application process, and this information is included in the contract signed by both parties.
- Annual accreditation fees. To be paid annually upon student registration, these fees are calculated according to the number of students enrolled, following this formula:

N% [Number of students] x [Net tuition fees] including VAT

• [Number of students] programme(s) at the beginning of each academic year.
• [Net tuition fees] corresponds to full tuition fees for the accredited programme(s) for the corresponding academic year, as indicated by the school to the public (through, e.g., brochures, print or online advertisement or commercials).

Once granted, the maintenance of Accreditation is subject to a minimum payment (lumpsum). In addition, the payment of the annual fees is due dependent on a prior agreement with EABHES which is included in the contract to signed between both parties.

The School commits to communicate to EABHES, at the beginning of each academic period, the exact number of students enrolled in each program and the net tuition fees. In any case, EABHES annual fees will be invoiced no later than 30 days following the receipt of the enrolment information with a due date determined by a prior agreement.

All amounts due shall be paid in full, excluding any applicable VAT, upon issuance of the relevant invoices by EABHES. The School shall not deduct any duties or taxes without EABHES expressed consent in writing.

Schools are responsible for EABHES team travel expenses during Audit Visits. These expenses will be reimbursed to EABHES upon presentation of the relevant receipts/invoices and always respecting the conditions mutually agreed upon before the visit.



In order to maximise EABHES Accreditation benefits for schools and students, and to make processes as smooth and efficient as possible, EABHES Members commit to:
- Recognise the equivalency levels and degrees of student candidates in possession of European Bachelor’s degree level or European Master’s degree programmes accredited by EABHES;
- Recognise periods of mobility abroad spent at another member school;
- Inform EABHES of any changes in the accredited programme(s) within the given timeframes;
- Send EABHES accurate academic information concerning student enrolment, tuition fees, grades or internship/work placement to produce the relevant academic documents;
- Respect the deadlines for the submission of the above mentioned information for document production (please see Annex 6, EABHES Calendar);
Communicate in a timely manner to EABHES any changes in the structure, faculty, or pedagogical content of an accredited programme;
- Pay all due fees in a timely manner;
- Communicate about EABHES Accreditation following the established communication guidelines (see section 3.4. Communicating About EABHES Accreditation and Annex 7 EABHES Communication Charter) and send EABHES all Accreditation related public communications.