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In order to provide a good service for our Members, EABHES commits to:
- Accompany schools throughout the application and production phases of EABHES Accreditation, offering personalised assistance when needed;
- Produce in a timely manner the relevant academic documents;
- Support collaborations between member schools to further promote student and professional mobility;
- Issue the relevant invoices for schools to pay the due fees within the given timeframes;
- Guarantee privacy and confidentiality of all information and data provided to EABHES.


EABHES will notify the school of suspension of Accreditation and any related obligations in the following cases:
- The School fails to submit to EABHES the student records at least 6 weeks after exam period;
- Enrolments in Accredited Programmes fall below a pre-determined threshold of a number of students;
- The school proves incapable or unwilling to follow, adjust to, or maintain the requested Audit Recommendations in Category C;
- The School fails to provide relevant materials for Accredited Programmes.


In the fast changing world that we live in, schools and companies face unforeseen situations and crises. The Covid-19 public health emergency has generated great disruption for most of us, forcing us to quickly change and adapt to new situations. EABHES wants to support schools in crisis management, offering flexibility and exploring new paths to solve the problems schools face.

For this purpose, we invite all schools to promptly contact EABHES and inform us of the particular problems and situation your school is facing, whether it is due to a general crisis, such as the Covid-19 Emergency, or an individual crisis in your institution.

As part of EABHES Crisis Management protocol, we support schools and offer flexibility regarding the following:
- School end/start dates;
- Programme updates deadlines, including faculty and staff changes;
- Submission of enrolment documents for student registration;
- Submission of grades matrix.

Please notice that in order for us to offer flexibility regarding the above items, we need to be fully informed of your school’s situation. New dates and deadlines will be established together with EABHES. The changes introduced to face the crisis might also affect some of EABHES obligations such as the production of academic documents, which will be postponed according to the new submission deadlines established.

Audit visits, celebration of committees and other EABHES responsibilities might also be affected by general crises such as the Covid-19 Emergency or individual crises of schools. It is EABHES responsibility to promptly inform schools of these changes and the new dates for these events to take place.

It is at the core of EABHES mission to support schools in crisis management, for which we will offer all the resources and tools we have as an institution and as a community. We appeal for schools’ collaboration to guarantee the best transitions and solutions.