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Can I do an internship during my studies and get credits for it?
“Internships are a great way to put your knowledge into practice. EABHES Accreditation recognises credits for internships and work placements. Read the Course Catalogue of your study programme to check whether your study plan includes an internship. If it doesn’t, but you are interested in doing one, you can enquire your school about the possibility of conducting an internship and add extra-curricular credits to your records.”

Can I study abroad? Where?
“Thanks to the ECTS credit system, you can study abroad in Europe and in other countries, and then recognise those credits at your home institution. Ask your school about exchange programmes they have with other EABHES members or other partner schools for you to study abroad.”

Do I need to speak fluent English to be awarded a European Diploma?
“In order to obtain a European Diploma of Accredited Studies you need to have a B2 level of English for Bachelor’s and a C1 level for Master’s degree. In order to prove your level of English you will need to present official English test certification, such as TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, or the kind; or present proof of having completed your secondary education in English.”

Do I need to complete all programme courses to be awarded a European Diploma?
“In order to obtain a European Diploma of Accredited Studies, you will need to pass the courses that are compulsory for your study programme. In the Course Catalogue of your programme, which is provided to you by your school, you will find information about the requirements of your study programme and the courses you need to complete to obtain the diploma.”

Can I do online courses and get credits for them?
“If the course is included in the Study Programme and the Course Catalogue, you will get credits for it. If the online course you want to do is not included in your study programme, please ask your school about credit recognition, as it is the school’s decision to determine what type of courses and training can grant students extra-curricular credits.”

Where can I continue studying after completing an EABHES Accredited Programme?
“You will be able to continue your education in any EABHES member school. Also, the ECTS credits you earned during your programme are recognised in most schools in Europe and North America. Your Academic Transcripts and Diploma shows the ECTS credits you have earned during your study programme. Submit these documents to the school where you would like to continue your studies for their reference. And remember, your school and EABHES are always here to support you getting your degree recognised.”

How does studying an EABHES Accredited Programme help me find a job?
“EABHES accredited programmes are in compliance with European Higher Education standards and guidelines. Companies know that this compliance assures the highest quality in your studies. Our schools establish programme goals according to current industry trends and job market needs, which will prepare you to find a job after graduation.”

The EABHES Communication Charter (in Annex 7) also includes content targeted for students regarding accreditation benefits, which we encourage all schools to use in your public communications.