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Closing Notes


At EABHES we believe that education is the cornerstone for the evolution of humanity. In order to build a more peaceful, civic and united world, we must work together, and education is the starting point. Facilitating international dialogue for quality higher education is at the core of the EABHES mission. Through the EABHES network of member schools, we strive to build a strong community that serves as a place to share best practices, to innovate, and to strengthen our higher education systems.

In the globalised world we live in, internationalisation and collaboration is key for the future of higher education and the future of our students. For this reason, we facilitate and support dialogue among EABHES members to increase student and academic staff mobility through exchange programmes, but also through the creation of collaborative projects and joint programmes.

Joint programmes and/or projects, where students and teachers can experience different cultures and teaching and learning traditions, learn about their domain expertise in another country and exchange opinions with other professionals of their field, bring the whole educational and professional community endless opportunities for development. In joint programmes and projects, schools’ management and administration staff also work hand-in-hand, which allows them to learn about practices implemented in their partner school, and to further improve students’ experiences.

As an international organisation, EABHES establishes connections, collaborations and partnerships with other organisations that play a role in higher education at the global level, which allows EABHES members to be represented not only in Europe, but in countries out of Europe.

By joining the EABHES Community, your school has access to a committed network of schools and higher education professionals. Bringing our resources together will boost excellence in higher education.