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Annex 1:

EABHES Accreditation Preparation Courses – Contents Indext

COURSE I: The Bologna Process

Introduction: EABHES and the Bologna Process; introduction video

The Bologna Process:
– Definition of the Bologna Process
– Quality Assurance
– The Principles of the Bologna Process
– Why does it matter?
– Further Resources: Article – Bologna Process History
– Further Resources: Video – What is the Bologna Process?
– Self-Assessment Quiz

The European Higher Education Area (EHEA)
– What is EHEA?
– The EHEA Agreement
– EHEA Current Agenda
– Further Resources: Article – EHEA and Internationalisation
– Further Resources: Video – New European Initiatives
– Self-Assessment Quiz

The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)
– What is ECTS?
– The Foundation of Learning Outcomes
– The Degree Cycles
– Further Resources: ECTS Official Guide
– Further Resources: Video – The ECTS System New Role
– Self-Assessment Quiz

Implementing the ECTS System in ́Your School
– Why use the ECTS System?
– Student Centered Learning
– What is needed to implement ECTS?
– Further Resources: Glossary of Key Terms
– Further Resources: Video – ECTS For Course Design
– Self-Assessment Quiz

Challenges Remaining
– The Importance of the Bologna Process
– Bologna Process Future
– Response to Covid-19 Crisis
– Further Resources: Article -The Global Context
– Further Resources: Video -Bologna Process 20 Years Celebration
– Self-Assessment Quiz

EABHES Introduction
– The 3 Key Principles of EABHES
– Presentation: EABHES Overview
– Accreditation Timeline
– Further Resources: Video – What is EABHES? – Self-Assessment Quiz