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COURSE II: Pedagogical Implementation

Introduction: Welcome video

Pedagogical Standards and Accreditation
– The Bologna Process Ministerial Viewpoint – Academic Cycles for Accreditation
– Cycles Completion Qualifications
– ECTS and Student Centered Learning
– EABHES Pedagogical Content Worksheet
– Further Resources: 2018 Bologna Process Implementation Report: Leaning and Teaching
– Further Resources: Video
– New Pedagogical Perspective
– Self-Assessment Quiz

Learning Outcomes
– Foundation of Learning Outcomes
– Outcomes and Cycles
– Examples of Cycle Outcomes
– Credit Allocation per Outcome
– Further Resources: Video – Bloom’s Taxonomy and Learning Outcomes/Objectives
– Further Resources: Article – Educational Structures, Learning Outcomes, Workloads and the Calculation of ECTS Credits
– Self-Assessment Quiz

Study Plan Design
– Why Develop a Study Plan?
– Elements of A Study Plan
– Steps for Preparing a Programme Study Plan
– Accredited Programme Language Requirements
– Student Workload Hours per ECTS
– EABHES Study Plan Template
– Further Resources: Article – Linking Levels, Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria
– Further Resources: Video – ECTS and Study Planning
– Self-Assessment Quiz

Student Workload and Assessment
– Workload and Credits
– Calculating Student Workload
– Workload and Methods of Teaching
– Further Resources: Webinar: ECTS and Student Workloads
– Further Resources: Article: EUA Student Assessment Report
– Further Resources: Video: Learning Outcomes and Assessment
– Self-Assessment Quiz

Course Syllabus Development
– EHEA Teaching Qualifications
– Student Assessments
– ECTS Grading Scale
– Syllabus Guidelines
– EABHES Syllabus Template
– Further Resources: Article – How to Create a Syllabus
– Further Resources: Webinar – EUA Effective Curriculum Design
– Further Resources: Video – Inclusive Course Design
– Self-Assessment Quiz

Online Learning
– EHEA Position
– EHEA Recognised Types of Online Programmes
– The Future
– Further Resources: Article – McKinsey: Getting the Next Phase of Remote Learning Right in Higher Education
– Further Resources: Video – What Future for Universities – Coronavirus Upends Higher Education
– Self-Assessment Quiz