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Chapter 1:

EABHES presentation


The end of the 20th century and the first decades of the 21st century have witnessed how the globalisation phenomenon and the technology revolution has shaped our world and our societies, leading to a new knowledge base. The Bologna Process can be described as the conscious effort of European nations and education institutions to incorporate the phenomenon of globalisation in the education sector on the basis of quality assurance and transparency. The European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools (EABHES) was conceived with the objective to assist schools to meet the academic, pedagogical and management standards that will allow them to be present and participate in the newly globalised higher education area.

A private and independent organization, whose expertise lies in the service, cultural and creative industries, EABHES mission is an ongoing strive for academic excellence, pedagogical innovation and support of the international dialogue for quality higher education. EABHES supports its mission by providing:
- Accreditation services: on the basis of quality assurance and comprehensive sustainable development, EABHES Accreditation gives education institutions and their stakeholders a gateway to the global academic community and job market.
- Advisory and support services: from providing the supporting documentation for students, to processes of regular monitoring and customised advise, EABHES serves as a lifelong support body for the schools it serves, in order to help them achieve their particular objectives and goals.
- Community building: facilitating international dialogue to foster exchange, mobility and innovation is at the core of EABHES Community and its vision for a better civil society.

EABHES was born as a result of the initiative of European Higher Education Schools and Institutions when, in 2001, they got together to develop a joint academic project to meet the directives resulting from the Bologna Declaration, that was signed in 1999. Today EABHES is considered one of the largest private networks of internationally recognised professional and academic institutions, thanks to its more than 60 member schools from the European Union and Middle East and North Africa region. EABHES has accredited around 300 study programmes and more than 20,000 students have already completed an EABHES accredited programme.