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Annex 7:

EABHES Communication Charter

EABHES mission is a continuing strive for academic excellence, pedagogical innovation and support of an international dialogue based on quality and diversity. At EABHES we believe that a consistent qualitative image and communication from all member schools has a highly positive impact for the institutions we serve. In order to unify the message of member schools regarding EABHES Accreditation and to maintain a consistent qualitative image, we invite you to carefully read and follow the guidelines included in this Communication Charter.

We remind all EABHES members that a correct and compliant communication of EABHES Accreditation is part of the required standards that new applicants and continuing schools shall meet in order to obtain and/or maintain EABHES Accreditation. To meet this requirement, schools shall include EABHES logo and information in all public communications related to the accredited programme(s).

In this charter we distinguish between institutional communication and marketing communication to facilitate schools’ proper selection of information depending on the nature of the communication. Specifications for the different types of communications depending on the medium (online, offline) are also included in this charter.