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The following texts can be used for marketing and recruitment purposes to communicate about EABHES Accreditation benefits. Minor changes in form are allowed.


By joining the EABHES Community, educational institutions guarantee:

  • Participation in the Bologna Process and compliance with European standards, which contributes to better international reputation and more effective international recruitment.
  • Competitive graduate employment rates thanks to the international recognition of programmes.
  • Quality assurance of academic programmes and school management. EABHES audits include the supervision and improvement of administrative and pedagogical processes (utilizing a holistic approach), carried out hand-in-hand with the school’s leadership and staff (in a collaborative approach).
  • Stability and sustainable development derived from the solid operational framework that is created due to the holistic and collaborative approach of EABHES Accreditation.
  • Student mobility thanks to international recognition of ECTS credits.
  • Contribution to pedagogical innovation and academic excellence through EABHES Community, sharing of best practices and advancing international dialogue in education.


By pursuing an EABHES Accredited Programme, you are guaranteed the highest academic quality in compliance with European Standards established by the Bologna Process. You will be part of a school with a student-centered system, whose professional team has been strictly selected and trained to provide the best academic experience, from pedagogical content and methodology, to school and student life services and opportunities.

During your studies, you will have access to student mobility opportunities within the EABHES network and other partner institutions, which enables you to have an international experience within your study programme. You will be required to successfully pass international language tests, which will maximise the internationalisation potential of your career.

By acquiring a diploma of accredited studies by EABHES you will:

  • Obtain official academic transcripts and diploma in compliance with European standards, which increases the international recognition of your degree.
  • Increase the possibilities of continuing your studies in other institutions in Europe and throughout the world thanks to ECTS credits, which are recognised by most educational institutions worldwide.
  • Be part of EABHES Alumni network, which will provide support when applying for recognition of your diploma in another educational institution for continuing your studies.
  • Improve your employability thanks to the international recognition of your diploma and credits.