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Presenting EABHES Accreditation on your school website is required to meet EABHES Accreditation standards, both for application and accreditation maintenance.

Where to include EABHES logo?
As EABHES is an Accreditation Board, we suggest you include the EABHES logo on the page of each accredited programme. If your school has more than one programme accredited, you can also choose to include an additional EABHES logo on the homepage of your school website. If all your programmes are accredited by EABHES, we strongly suggest to include the EABHES logo on your website’s homepage as well as on each programme’s page together with the mention “EABHES accredited programme”.

Active Link Requirement
The logo of EABHES shall be an active link to the EABHES portal:

What information should be included and where?
On your website, we suggest you include both the institutional and marketing messages above. We leave to schools the decision about the best location for each type of communication, but we recommend the Homepage, the About Us page, the individual programmes pages, and the Accreditations page (if you have one), as the best locations to include the EABHES related information. Please notice our affiliation is not a partnership, thus EABHES shall not be presented as a partner.

Graphic Requirements
The logo that you should include in your website can be downloaded here.
The logo shall always be legible (minimum size 15 x 18.5 mm), thus we kindly ask to avoid any format modifications that will hinder its legibility. We kindly ask members to not make color modifications. If for any technical or other reasons you cannot use the given logo, please contact EABHES for support.