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Online: Social Networks

The use of social networks has become increasingly relevant, especially among younger students.
EABHES recommends member schools to take advantage of these platforms to inform your target audience about the benefits of EABHES Accreditation.

What information should be included and where?

We strongly recommend you to include “EABHES Accredited Programme statement in the caption of all accredited-programmes related publications.
We suggest schools to announce in an independent official media your EABHES Accreditation.
We leave to schools the decision of what message to include here, whether it is the Institutional communication or the marketing communication, or a combination of both. Minor changes in the texts to adapt to specific platform requirements are allowed.
The Marketing Communication includes a lot of information about the benefits of EABHES Accreditation for both the schools and the students. We believe this information is highly valuable and exploitable on social media platforms, thus we recommend all members to periodically post in
your channels information about the benefits of studying at an EABHES Accredited programme in your school to attract the attention of potential students.


Logo and Images

EABHES strongly recommends to include the EABHES logo in all digital posters/flyers of accredited programmes.
Schools have the right to choose their preferred image for each publication. In the Members Area of EABHES website we make available to all members an Image Bank, where you can download images that can be used for EABHES related publications on social media.