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Offline: Printed Materials

Presenting EABHES Accreditation in your school printed materials is highly recommended for recruitment and school positioning purposes, as it serves as quality assurance message and improves the market trust in your school. It will also help your school meet EABHES communication standards for accreditation, whether it is a first time application or accreditation maintenance.

What information should be included and where?

On your school brochure, we suggest you include both the institutional and marketing messages, together with EABHES logo and website url ( We leave to schools the decision about the best location for each type of communication, but we suggest the following:

  • for schools that have more than one or all the programmes accredited by EABHES, we recommend the Introduction of the School section, the About Us section, and the Accreditations section (if you have one) as the best locations to include EABHES related information, logo and website url. On the individual programmes sections, we recommend to include “EABHES Accredited Programme” statement. These schools
    might also include EABHES logo on the front and/or back cover of the brochure.
  • for schools that only have one programme accredited by EABHES, the individual programme section might be the best location to include EABHES information, logo and website url.

Minor changes to the above Institutional and Marketing Communications can be done to adapt to specific design requirements of the brochure. Please notice our affiliation is not a partnership, thus EABHES shall not be presented as a partner.