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New and running schools providing higher education programmes (bachelor’s, master’s, diploma equivalent or professional training of the highest level) that wish to participate in the Bologna Process and offer their students ECTS credits are invited to apply for EABHES Accreditation.


EABHES Accreditation timeline is divided into 3 main phases. Each phase involves specific rules and procedures.

Phase 1: Application Process
The application process can take from 6 to 12 months, depending on school’s schedule and level of preparedness.
Step 1: Preparation
Step 2: Eligibility Committee (February, June, November)
Step 3: Pedagogical Committee (January, April, July, October)
Step 4: Audit

Phase 2: Academic Documents Production
This phase is cyclical, as it takes place every academic period.
Step 1: EABHES System Data Update and Student Registration
Step 2: Course Catalogue
Step 3: Academic Transcripts
Step 4: Certificate of Achievement, Diploma of Accredited Studies

Phase 3: Accreditation Renewal
EABHES Accreditation Cycle is 36 months long. At the end of each cycle, EABHES conducts an audit to monitor compliance and evaluate new processes and improvements.

Chapters 2 and 3 of this handbook explain EABHES procedures and the relevant rules and guidelines that schools need to follow to apply for, obtain and maintain EABHES Accreditation.


EABHES offers higher education institutions two different types of membership, which aim to adapt to the different needs of our community.

Full Membership is aimed for schools who want to benefit from all EABHES Accreditation services, as well as advisory and support services.

Associate Membership is aimed for higher education institutions that do not wish to obtain the full accreditation package, but that want to be part of EABHES Community and enjoy advisory and support services.