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Chapter 2:

Processes and Compliance


EABHES Accreditation application process consists of 4 steps: Preparation, Eligibility Committee, Pedagogical Committee, and Audit. Schools that successfully complete these steps will be approved and receive an accreditation number. EABHES will guide and accompany schools throughout the whole application process, offering personalised counselling and assistance when needed.


At this first step of the application process, the following tasks need to be completed: (in chronological order)
1. EABHES conducts a first assessment of the school based on EABHES Application Form and a follow-
up online meeting to introduce the school and EABHES. The school and EABHES determine the
preparation process details. Entry fees are due.
2. The School’s designated staff completes the EABHES Preparation workshops on the Moodle platform.
3. The EABHES team conducts an onsite visit (or online meeting) to start formal assessment of the school
and of the programmes to be accredited.
4. Agreement signing.

As part of the EABHES mission, we help schools that wish to participate in the Bologna Process to (re) design and adapt their study plans, and administrative and management processes to EHEA standards and the ECTS system. For this purpose, and to help schools understand the broader context that EABHES operates in, we have created a series of online workshops. These short courses also serve as a guide for schools to prepare for each of the remaining steps of the application process, that is the Eligibility and Pedagogical Committees, and the Audit.

The online workshops include:
- Introduction to the Bologna Process and the ECTS System
- Pedagogical Implementation
- Administrative Implementation

Schools are required to undertake these workshops in order to be able to move to step 2, the Eligibility Committee. As explained in the workshops, the implementation of the Bologna Process by a school requires comprehensive and collaborative efforts at all organisational levels. Therefore, the workshops are mandatory for the academic director of the school, and we strongly encourage heads of programmes, faculty and staff to also complete the first 2 workshops. It is highly recommended to ask new staff and instructors to undertake those workshops when joining the school. These online workshops also serve as an on-going tool to solve challenges that continuing and new faculty and staff may have regarding compliance and processes. Detailed information about the workshops content can be found in Annex 1 of this handbook.

Required documentation to be submitted to EABHES at Step 1:
- EABHES Application Form