Aperçu du programme: Programme Alchimia MFA

Alchimia has been a member of EABHES for the last 10 years (?). The mission of the school is to master, preserve, and spread traditional techniques—in particular those related to Italian cultural heritage—in order to develop, transform, and merge them into contemporary thinking and culture. Their teachers and staff members, as well as the students, come from all over the world and it is also thanks to them that their identity is truly strong and distinctive. Their MFA program is very well known and respected.

During the first year, the main focus for the students is defining their Personal Project. This first phase of research explores design methodologies in different contexts, technical and digital inductions, introduces emerging technologies and new materials, and helps the students refine their presentation skills. Set projects, such as seminars, technical and conceptual workshops, exhibitions, and group critiques, will run alongside to implement individual research.

In the second year, the student is supported by different workshops helping the them to engage with current debates in contemporary art history, theory and practice, as well as an intensive series of one-to-one tutorials, focused upon individual work and research. Students will be encouraged to broadly reflect on their work in relation to contemporary cultural production and discourse. The aim of this process is to strengthen their individual positions as designers and artists, learn how to critically evaluate their own work, and how to present it within an exhibition context.

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