All of the institutions whose programmes have been accredited offer students the opportunity to follow a programme with an international focus, thus adding value to their education as they simultaneously obtain a State or School diploma, recognised within the institution's country, and a European degree that allows their level of education to be recognised internationally.

Students should acknowledge the importance of Europe and appreciate this “extra bonus” they are being offered. They should have a voluntary approach and recognise all that it represents. Students who embark on such a course will not have much extra work, but must take into consideration the preparation for a Foreign Language test. These few extra hours of Foreign Language are beneficial from several points of view:

  • Preparation for the Foreign Language Certification
  • Improved level of practice
  • Acquisition of professional business and communication vocabulary

Most credits are obtained through the validation of core modules. Students may earn credits for any subject they may take, as long as the subject module has been completed and attendance has been regular. In addition, the institution may offer a number of optional modules, ranging from a few hours to a few days in length and designed to increase students' knowledge and/or allow them to acquire new skills. These optional modules will also enable students to earn additional credits. Extracurricular activities may also lead to credits: trips, exchanges, contests, humanitarian action...

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