Based in Paris, EABHES (European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools) is a private academic accreditation board. EABHES provides services of academic accreditation, implementation and maintenance for private academic institutions education institutes in the EU and Mena.

Up until the end of 2018, EABHES has completed the accreditation of more than 260 programmes across the EU and MENA, with more than 60 ongoing members constituting the EABHES community.

EABHES offers members of its academic community an European accreditation for their programs by utilizing a systematic process and working hand-in-hand with a school’s leadership and staff.

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Helping to develop the tools needed for students to pursue studies in another school, within the country of origin or abroad, by providing clear international recognition of their level of study and the corresponding academic courses.

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The EABHES Journey started as a joint research project undertaken by a group of European schools for creating common pedagogical and academic assessment methodologies.

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our Back Office operation, was created to allow a member school to benefit from the indispensable services needed to fully benefit from the investment in adopting ECTS.

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