EABHES philosophy and approach to accreditation sees the process both as an ongoing process and a quality assurance to the school, its students, faculty and alumni.

Every step of the process, from the the preliminary introduction to the accreditation system all the way to the academic audit, implementation and accreditation maintenance, is pursued with the highest consideration and care.

Following the schedule of EAHE open calls to join the ECTS framework, EABHES encourages schools from the EU and the MENA to apply for program accreditation and join EABHES community!

The accreditation process itself aims to create a solid framework relative to the whole operation of a school or an academic institution.

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The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is a student-centered system based on the workload students have to undertake in order to meet the objectives of an academic programme, which are defined in terms of learning outcomes and skills to be acquired.

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Education might be the emblem of contemporary art in the making. Following the process of theme, composition, rules, work process and talent and leading learners from basic comprehension to advanced knowledge and competence, must be inspired by past traditions, present engagements and future projections of dreams, efforts and achievements.

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