Accreditation for
Online Blended Programmes

Applications now open!

2021 is already here to further transform and bring innovation to Higher Education institutions.

Many are the schools that have already tested and verified the advantages of utilising ICT in teaching and learning, which has lead to the transformation and/or the creation of new programmes.

Because how to teach, is just as important as what to teach: media and methodologies used to deliver the teaching, collaboration and peer support, and digital competency of faculty are now as fundamental as knowledge of and expertise in the subject matter.

At EABHES we understand the needs of schools that are going through this digital transformation and that want to continue innovating to offer high quality, up-to-date Higher Education programmes.

To accommodate the needs and to support the development and continuous improvement of these programmes, EABHES offers schools a step-by-step and comprehensive framework for Quality Assurance.

EABHES is now accepting accreditation applications from online and blended programmes!

Depending on the nature of the predominant delivery mode, your programme can now apply for:

  • On-Campus Programme Accreditation
  • Blended Programme Accreditation
  • Online Programme Accreditation

For more information, you can read EABHES Accreditation Quick Guide!
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