Cordon Bleu in Florence

Come and meet the Italian Culinary School in Florence created and led by Cristina Blasi and Gabriella Mari,  joint by there love of the Italian Culinary world and by the will to share it with students and culinary lovers from all over the world.

After many years of experience in the culinary training field, Cristina and Gabriella have decided to develop, together with EABHES, a European Bachelor Program of Culinary art.

In the beautiful Florence, colors, senses, tradition and innovation, and a lot of love, are being translated into the magic we all know as the Italian Culinary Art.

As an important member of the EABHES community, The Cordon Bleu in Florence is honored and excited to invite all of EABHES members to engage in shared academic experience, workshops, students and faculty exchanged programmes.

Arrivederci a Firenze!

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