Design for the “New Normal” Learning and Work Environments

In collaboration with the commercial strategic partners of Steelcase and AIA Life Designers, EABHES, together with EABHES Member Tiltan School of Design in Israel and three other universities in Mexico, India and Uganda, has initiated a pilot project for multi-national teams of students to collaborate in multi-disciplinary fashion. The objective of this collaborative project is to develop innovative and outstanding design solutions for the current uncertain present problems as well as those of the future to come in Education.

Following a collaborative online method, students participating in this breakthrough Academic-Commercial Intercontinental Collaborative Design Project work together to develop solutions in an autonomous manner, mentored by experienced academicians and professionals.

Current conditions have stressed the need for collaboration to be more widespread and diversified. Also inspired by the current COVID-19 crisis, digital tools, such as e-learning, videoconferencing, collaboration platforms and virtual presentations have now become mainstream necessities and we might be at the forefront of a societal transition.

The project, which kicked off on August 2020, will run until the second week of December 2020. The whole project will be submitted for accreditation recognition by EABHES and thus follow Bologna Process principles, by creating well defined and measurable learning outcomes translated into ECTS credits.

This pilot project aims to serve a study case for future international collaborative projects among Higher Education institutions to help them incorporate such projects into their curriculum and to better prepare students for the New Normal job markets that they will be partaking in.

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