New Times, Same Values

Now, more than ever, it’s fundamental to reinforce our values and let them guide us in the pursuit of our mission, an on-going strive for academic excellence, innovation and support of the international dialogue for quality higher education.

EABHES adheres to and promotes EU values of Human Dignity, Freedom, Democracy, Equality, Rule of Law and Human Rights as an integral part of the European way of life and our future.

Inclusion, non-discrimination and diversity prevail in our philosophy, and are the cornerstone of our Community of higher education schools and professionals. It is the time to come together, bringing our individual unique characters. It’s the time to develop a community and a society where diversity is not only respected but considered the most valuable learning resource.

In our globalised economy, higher education needs to provide students with the necessary tools to navigate the international market and build a better future for everyone. Foreign language learning, international title recognition and mobility opportunities are some of the fundamental tools that will allow our current students and future professionals to contribute to the development of a more
equal and sustainable society.

These values are key for the support of internationalisation efforts in higher education and our vision for a more dignified and just global civil society.

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