Bologna Process – XX Anniversary

In her editorial to the European Journal of HIgher Education, Manja Klemenčič, the Journal Editor presents a summary of Hannah Moscovitz’es and  Hila Zahavi’s work about The Bologna Process “The Bologna Process as a foreign policy endeavour: motivations and reactions to the externalisation of European higher education” (Zahavi, H., and Y. Friedman. 2018. “The Bologna Process: An International Higher Education Regime.” European Journal of Higher Education). Document Link (download area)

Celebrating the 20th anniversary for the Bologna Process, the research offers the qualification of the Bologna Process, as an “intergovernmental process of 48 European Countries and the European commission”.

The Bologna Process, according to the findings of this research, and many others quoted in the Journal issue, has become a successful tool for international collaborations on a ministerial level but also among many institutes within and outside the EU.

The research can be found in the download area available for EABHES Community members.

EABHES recognizes in its own operation, from the first day of its foundation, through the board evolution and development, the same long-term goals and spirit of the European Area of Higher Education (EAHE).

Especially in these times, EABHES and its team, find the daily mission of implementing the ECTS system and provide its network of schools with tools for constant improvement and quality assurance, an important call to enhance and develop under the same set of European standards and beliefs.



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