Tiltan College – Haifa

Tiltan College hosted EABHES director as a member of the graduates final projects exhibition jury and an honor guest at the graduation ceremony. The jury attended the exhibition for 2 days and held a personal exchange with the graduates and the school’s faculty.

During the ceremony, EABHES director emphasized the importance of international dimension to any school and in particular for a design school.

Tiltan College from Haifa, member of EABHES since 2015, specializes in design training and helping its students in the preparation of their professional future. The school puts important efforts into the final stages of its programmes, final exhibition and students transition from learners to important players in the market.

Tiltan is also an excellent model for an inclusive approach and endless support for students with diversity of abilities and needs.

The visit also included a revision of the framework of 2019-20, new programmes to go through accreditation project and quality assurance ongoing work.



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