Video meeting for EABHES members

Ten schools from France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. have participated to a video meeting demonstrating online education solution.

The demo was conducted by the President of Tiltan, an EABHES school in Israel, and his staff. He shared how an initiative in his school that started ten moths ago to introduce online courses, had to be scaled up when lockdown was announced in the country and cover 400 of his students, and up to 10 concurrent choruses sessions in the morning and the afternoon each day.

The school was closed for 1 week in order to build a fully operational control room using the Zoom Education platform, equip students and instructors that needed their own hardware and communication access, and train 6-7 people from his staff to become online classroom monitors and support personnel. The school was able within a week to go fully online, not just with learning sessions but also with staff meetings, recruitment and promotion for the upcoming academic school year, and ongoing customization of the platform to fit his school’s needs.

EABHES will run weekly open Zoom meetings for all of its schools so they can use this time to seek support from each other and find better ways to use this crisis as an opportunity to better their schools and reach out to an even bigger student base. In addition, EABHES will be working to connect schools who wish to share online resources, instructors and/or wish to have combined learning sessions for their students.

EABHES will support the zoom sessions by populating their website download area with new information, as it becomes available, about not just what the EABHES community is doing, but lessons learned from academic institutions around the world.

It is EABHES commitment to provide the schools in its network assistance during these difficult times when education takes an even more important role than ever.

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