Tiltan College – Haifa

Tiltan College – Haifa Tiltan College hosted EABHES director as a member of the graduates final projects exhibition jury and an honor guest at the graduation ceremony. The jury attended the exhibition for 2 days and held a personal exchange with the graduates and the school’s faculty. During the ceremony, EABHES director emphasized the importance […]

Design Stone – Exhibition- Rome

Design Stone Exhibition – Rome Accademia Italiana presents, Stone Design, La pietra che ispira, (the inspiring stone). Inauguration of an exhibition with the famous Italian art critic, Vittorio Sgarbi. Thursday, June 27th , 18:00 GMT+1 at the Rinascente, Via del Tritone, 61, Rome. (Exhibition Area, 1st floor). 

idées HOUSE – Students engaged in urban renovation

idées HOUSE Students engaged in urban renovation The 27th and 28th of June will take place the presentation of the interior architecture diploma projects. The students proposed the renovation of a district in Morges in Switzerland based on the theme imposed: THE MODERN MOVEMENT AS CONTEMPORARY VERNACULAR.The presentation takes place in our school open house. […]

Open Day at Spéos

Open Day at Spéos 23.03.2019 – Open Day at Spéos Paris, 8 rue Jules Vallès, 75011 Paris – School Link