EABHES accreditation: new schools

Initial accreditation for two new schools A warm welcome to DAM Academy and Don Bosco International Media Art Academy. DAM ACADEMY DAM Academy, part of REA Group, with a campus in Rome and Naples, in Italy, is active in the fields of integrated training between creative arts and new technologies. The school aims to optimize creativity […]

Digital Education Plan

Digital Education Plan ONE YEAR ONLINE The new EU Digital Education Action Plan has completed one year since its implementation in March 2021.   This six-year (2021-2027) EU initiative renews the first Action Plan outlined for 2018-2020. In order to provide an answer to digital education development at several levels and as a consequence of the […]

What’s new in the EU? Micro-Credentials

What’s new in the EU? Micro-Credentials Micro-credentials are a way of helping learners develop their skills at a personal and professional level in view of a constant change in the labour market. At the moment, 15 countries already recognise microcredentials in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). A micro-credential attests the learning outcomes that a […]

Online Education IV: Useful resources

Online Education IV Useful resources For schools to develop, implement and deliver quality Online Education, while maintaining compliance with Bologna Process and ECTS credit system, it is key to stay updated and informed about latest publications on the topic by official institutions and field experts. Following, the main resources used to develop our recommendations on […]

Online Education III: Recommendations for schools

Online Education III Recommendation for Schools Whether as a temporary or a long-term strategy, implementing Online Education in an institution is a process that requires coordinated efforts at all levels of the organisation. Institutional support to students, faculty and staff is key to attain quality Online Education.  In this section, we highlight five areas that […]

Online Education II: Recommendations for instructors

Online Education II Recommendation for Instructors The use of technology in Education opens an enormous window for innovation in teaching and learning practices. ICT are invaluable tools to foster and support European Values of diversity and inclusion, and to further promote life-long learning. In the context of Higher Education, a well-designed and communicated syllabus, a […]

Online Education I: Key concepts

Online Education I Key Concepts Online Education practice, although it’s already been around for a few years, it has experienced an unprecedented expansion in the last few months.  In order to navigate the increasingly wide world of Online Education, clear understanding of key concepts is fundamental.  Please notice that the use of some of these […]

Accreditation for Online and Blended Programmes

Accreditation for Online Blended Programmes Applications now open! 2021 is already here to further transform and bring innovation to Higher Education institutions. Many are the schools that have already tested and verified the advantages of utilising ICT in teaching and learning, which has lead to the transformation and/or the creation of new programmes. Because how […]

Creative Europe: an opportunity for collaboration and internationalisation

Creative Europe: an opportunity for collaboration and internationalisation Creative Europe, a European Commission’s initiative, supports Europe’s cultural and creative sectors with the aim of reaching sustainable growth in the sector and maximising internationalisation opportunities. Higher Education institutions are welcome to participate in the initiative and to receive funding for collaboration projects with other European institutions. […]

EHEA Rome 2020: Cooperation for innovation and inclusion

EHEA Rome 2020: Cooperation for innovation and inclusion On November 19th, ministers from the now 49 participating countries in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) met virtually on the occasion of Rome 2020 Ministerial Meeting, which gave birth to the Rome Communiqué, the document that will set the direction and give indications on the next […]