Tiltan College – Haifa

Tiltan College hosted EABHES director as a member of the graduates final projects exhibition jury and an honor guest at the graduation ceremony. The jury attended the exhibition for 2 days and held a personal exchange with the graduates and the school’s faculty. During the ceremony, EABHES director emphasized the importance of international dimension to […]

Bologna Process – XX Anniversary

In her editorial to the European Journal of HIgher Education, Manja Klemenčič, the Journal Editor presents a summary of Hannah Moscovitz’es and  Hila Zahavi’s work about The Bologna Process “The Bologna Process as a foreign policy endeavour: motivations and reactions to the externalisation of European higher education” (Zahavi, H., and Y. Friedman. 2018. “The Bologna […]

New School – ISAM, Spain

EABHES Director has completed a visit to the European ISAM (link), the International School of Agriculture Management during which the school’s teams have discussed and reviewed the launch of its new programmes for the Spanish and international markets. ISAM is the first Institute in Spain to join the EABHES Community. It is a graduate school in partnership […]

EABHES in Tunis

EABHES Director has completed a visit to the European University of Tunis during which the teams had discussed and reviewed new programmes, quality control, and future projects. The UET is the first Institute in Tunis to join the EABHES Community. It is composed of the Grandes écoles, Sciences Po Tunis: Institute of Political Studies of […]

Cordon Bleu in Florence

Come and meet the Italian Culinary School in Florence created and led by Cristina Blasi and Gabriella Mari,  joint by there love of the Italian Culinary world and by the will to share it with students and culinary lovers from all over the world. After many years of experience in the culinary training field, Cristina […]

New Art School in Florence

After five years of activity, TIAC group, an international artists’ association, has decided to create the TIAC Academy – a dream become true.  Offering European Bachelor and European Master programmes in representational painting and sculpture, the Tiac Academy will strive to host a constant international dialogue among artists and art lovers. The Academy is designed […]

The European Higher Education Area in 2018

The Bologna Process Implementation Report provides a wide-ranging and detailed picture of how the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) has been moving forward since the Yerevan Conference inThis has not been a period of radical change. Instead, for most countries, the recent years have focused on consolidating the implementation of reforms. The Bologna Follow Up […]